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Living in California has developed our love for the Mission and Hacienda style architecture that is abundant throughout the region. While not everyone can have this beautiful style where they live, they can certainly get a feel of Southern California with our lovely tile products.

We carefully take handmade Mexican Talavera tiles and turn them into household goods you can use every day. These colorful items make any room feel a bit more lively and are wonderful gifts for friends, family, and wedding guests. Feel free to follow us on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook to see what new items we're working on.


WE LOVE CUSTOM ORDERS! Looking to mix and match a few different coasters? Would you like 100 coasters for your wedding or next event? We're happy to make custom orders as well as large bulk orders. Some items may take awhile to prepare but some items can be shipped within days. Please send us a message and let us know what you'd like.

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