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Mexican tile coasters make lovely gifts for your guests! We can personalize the back with a custom stamp that includes your names, the location, the date of the event, and any design that you would like. This listing is for 50 coasters but we can create a custom order for any quantity and you can mix and match however many different tiles you’d like. Please let us know when your event is, how many coasters you think you'll need, and which styles you like. We have a large inventory and can make your wedding day a memorable one.


Please contact us to discuss customized quantities or for more accurate shipping fees.


There are no returns, refunds, or cancellations of wedding coasters. Please note that slight imperfections will be found in the tiles, and minor chips or cracks often occur. 


You can order as many or as few coasters as you'd like, whether it's a micro wedding with only 5 guests or a large one with hundreds. While this listing is designed for purchasing 50 coasters, we can create custom orders to accommodate any guest size. Just message us for details.


A discount can apply if you are ordering a large amount of coasters. Please send us a message for more information.


We have a large catalog of tiles to choose from. Whether you want a mix of blue and white tiles or lots of multicolored ones, we can make it happen. Just ask and we can send you the full catalog. Please note each tile is roughly 4.2" x 4.2" square and about 0.375" thick with cork on the back. 


We have a variety of stamp designs you can choose from, or you can provide a design of your own! The personalization is a one time fee and we will stamp all the coasters for you. Please note the stamp image is just under 2" in size, but if you'd like a larger size just let us know. 


Depending on your order, the coasters can be ready in a few weeks or even just a few days. We have even done a few RUSH orders the same week as the wedding. Please reach out to see how long it would take to put your order together.

50 Mexican Tile Coasters Wedding Favors

  • No cancellations, returns, or refunds are allowed.

  • Personalized wedding coasters take about 2 weeks to prepare and are shipped via UPS Ground. 

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